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A brief look at what was important yesterday and what is happening today.  Relating where we have been with a look at where we are going ... often times one and the same.   Choose an article and click on the title.

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A Compilation of articles written mostly for the MORAB PERSPECTIVE newsmagazine, but national magazines as well.  Most of these articles were developed as I spent years researching the history in back of the Morab horse.  They discuss the Morab in detail, delving into the detail of the Morab breed, its beginnings and how the Morgan and Arabian breeds were used as its parents.      Go to ARTICLES


A Compilation of Morab Information, was published in 1998.  The first and only book about the Morab,   written by Ted Luedke, is filled with stories, facts, history and breed background.   Special sections for the Morgan and Arabian breeding stock used to produce original 1st generation Morabs are included.  This volume has quickly become the Morab bible!  It also carries  the stories of more breeders and owners in the 1990's - with an abundance of color and black & white photos.  This First Edition, First Printing book is available in limited quantity for purchase - follow these links:

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Your business place in the internet. 

YOUR WEB SITE - Just $150 to create your custom web site and file for your Domain name.

You do not need to have a computer or email or connection to the internet for any of these services.  email


The home of writers and columnist presenting their material on the internet.  Look for Ted (Tex) Luedke and find his columns under several of the sub categories.  People do comment on the material so be sure to click and take a few minutes to give your thoughts on the subject matter of any column.

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"MORAB   HISTORY" - Research started in the 1980's by Lynn Beckford and since 1995 by Ted Luedke, it is the product of long, extensive research and discovery that reveals where the Morab came from, what it has accomplished and where it is headed.  With information dating back to the late 1800's, it covers the old time Arabian and Morgan breeding programs that found the cross a great working ranch and show horse.  Copied by all the other Morab splinter sites, and properly linked to by many hundreds of general horse sites, it is the definitive writing of the Morab.    email        read all about it

"MORAB   TIME LINE" -     A Time Line chart covering the evolution of the Morab as a breed.  All the association, registries and groups are shown along with developmental data.  Time Line


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